about eventmail

eventmail is a complete e-marketing software and hosting solution for communicating events, syncing Website, cellphone and mass e-mail to one central control panel. eventmail can power individual private sites via the standalone version or clients may use the eventmail portal site to enhance their existing promotions.

eventmail is developed by StarNYC, an agency devoted to creating living websites. We believe that each of our clients should have the power to manage every aspect of their online presence, as easily as using a word processor.

StarNYC was founded in March 2001 to adapt to the changing nature of the Internet. Clients began to demand cost effective solutions that actually worked, and justified their expense. The StarNYC Marketing Communications Platformis a modular system designed from years of e-Marketing and PR experience. Right out of the box, it gives clients powerful communications hosting and tools geared towards their industry.

For more extensive solutions, StarNYC‘s consultants and designers work with clients to design highly functional custom Websites and e-mail response systems, rapidly developed on our flexible framework. This combination of proven technology and methodologies produces substantial business results.